I am convinced I have the BEST job in the world.

My favorite part of my job is getting to know new people and their passions and dreams that they'd like to accomplish in life. Everybody's story and life long dream is infatuating and I can't wait to hear yours and tell it through my lens.


Photographer's Life

When I was about 10 years old, I was lucky enough to get into a photography course. I learned about composition, exposure, camera settings, and processing photos in a dark room. I found it all very exciting. I believe learning the basics can allow anyone to take great photos.


The story of photography and me goes back to my childhood.

I started to learn about photography through a course offered at my art school. I instantly fell in love with my first film camera. Although the photos were lacking any composition, ideas, and colour, I couldn’t wait to go to the dark room to see the results of my “work”. I can still remember the smell of the chemicals. Watching the image suddenly reveal itself was the most exciting. Later in high school I switched from being a photographer to being photographed. I noticed how different lights, composition, angles and the distance from the object had the ability to express different moods or feelings. I began discovering another interest – fashion. As a model I tried many different outfits, and poses. I would take on as many roles as outfits I would wear. In 2000 the digital photography was booming and so was my interest in capturing my special moments as I traveled the world. Working as a computer programmer required me to work with Photoshop. I steadily became more and more familiar with its functions and features but hadn’t realized the true power of photo post-editing. My first pregnancy was a big breakthrough in my photography. I wanted to capture that cute belly growing each month. I started experimenting on my own taking portraits, selfies, or mobile phone photos of my ever changing body. Facebook started taking over the photo sharing world and once I had a digital camera, I would share it with my family and friends. I came across one of the best digital post-editing lessons from photography courses. Photoshop tips and tricks helped me to make my photos more vibrant, correct colour, tackle exposure problems, control focus, correct skin issues and many more. Once my baby was born, I couldn’t find a better subject of my photos! Sleeping newborn, first smiles, first bruises, first days of school…all these needed to be captured. These photos could take me back to re-experience my life’s beautiful moments.

Lenka Gazova


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