Behind the Camera

Photographers have tried several different cameras within their life. Some may stick to DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflect), others prefer compact cameras, mirror-lens, film, instant (Polaroid), mobile cameras… I was lucky enough to try all of these.

My life with camera.

(from left to right)


Me as a 10 years old captured by my brother using the CMEHA 8M during my “photography walks”.

The entry-level camera from the 1970s Soviet Union was my first fully manual 35mm film camera. The focus is set by guessing the distance to the subject and setting that distance on the lens. Of course, I had no idea as a 10 years old what most of the settings mean. Patience helped me to learn and take a few decent photos. This camera was a good introduction to the basics of photography.


My grandfather, who was a passionate photographer himself, gave me this camera. A time of strict communism, this was perhaps one of the first cameras available to the general public in the 1960’s. Made in Czechoslovakia, it used thermoset resin plastic with an achromatic lens consisting of one group of two or three lens elements of different glasses.  I still remember how hard it was to hold. It was quite tall for my small hands. I had a hard time pushing the shutter button at the same time as holding the body. I really liked those cute zone symbols though.


Holding this 35mm film camera takes me back to my memories of visiting Venice, Italy. Made in Japan in 1996, it had a bright extra-large viewfinder, integrated flash, and self-timer. This was a big jump! The only problem was the lack of film growing up during summer vacations, having to drop film at the local photo centre and waiting weeks to see the results. Only the most special moments were captured in those days.


Me as a 10 years old

After a break of 6 years not taking pictures but being photographed by professionals, I came across the SONY VARIO-SONNAR 24-70mm with high-quality zoom lens and variable focal length.

This camera took me back. Back to wanting to capture the moment. Being able to preview the photo instantly and simply upload it to the computer was certainly the biggest change in camera history. How could you not take hundreds of photos? No film needed, no dark room, no limitation, just enjoy…

Always a camera in my hands. This is how my family knows me. My comfort zone.


The CANON has been my biggest challenge and my best friend for the last 7 years. It helped me develop my eye, made me dig deep to find my creative self and has challenged my technical knowledge. I had to learn again about manual focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, shooting in RAW, editing the photograph…. There is so much to learn… cameras, lighting, effects, micro-photography, landscape, food, animals, portraits, events…I luv it!

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