‘Christmas Card’ Photoshoot

Tis the season for holiday lights, gift-giving and Christmas traditions with loved ones — and there’s no better way to celebrate but to capture the beauty of it all. A great holiday family photograph is something you’ll cherish forever, plus there’s the fond memories that come along with having a photoshoot.

Learn how to settle on colors and themes for your shoot to beautifully capture  every family member. Read my tips for selecting an ideal location, choosing the right Christmas outfits and what props work best for different ages. This might be the most important photo you take all year, but having fun is also an important part of any photo.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite images, I will use them to create a complimentary Christmas card, and I can help your cards to get printed so you can mail them out to friends and family.

Baby’s First Christmas
If you’re welcoming a new baby into the family, you can make your newborn the focus by creating a sweet space for them to sleep. The new crawlers or 1 year olds can be put in a gift box!

Color Coordinating And Outfits
I always suggest to pick maximum of two colors for Christmas card photo shoot. For example, the kids can be dressed in one color and the parents can wear the other color to provide contrast. When picking the wardrobe, I mostly recommend neutrals, so the focus is more on the beauty of the family and their smiles.

Dress to showoff your personality and style.  You want to look cohesive, for example mom can wear a red dress, dad can wear a suit with read tie, and the kids can wear the same color in different pops.

Dress in pyjamas to recreate the Christmas morning.

The nature, has the benefit of natural light and can be simpler option – no set or props required.

Your home, everyone feels more comfortable in their own space, so there’s no reason not to shoot at home, especially if you’ve filled it with beautiful Christmas decorations.

My studio is available from Nov 1 to January 8 to everyone.

I like to photograph the normal, staged, look at the camera shots, but I also suggest doing an activity like baking cookies, picking out a tree, decorating the house, playing in the snow, throwing snowballs and building snowmen make for a fun, active look.

Family pet break the ice for camera-shy family members, and lead to more genuine moments. Don’t forget to bring your pup treats!

The price of the Christmas Card Photoshoot starts at $125/30 min. Check out my availability and book your spot.

For more information, contact me directly.