The Best Photo Spots in Rome, Italy

Rome, one of the best iconic places to visit in the entire world. No matter how many times you visit theirs always more to see. I have visited three times and each time I go I discover new cute corners and spots that are photo or video worthy.

There is a saying that “All roads lead to Rome” and I couldn’t agree more. Make sure you take your time to wonder and get lost in the little streets and neighbourhoods.

Italian food can be so good and each restaurant offers the classic – pizza, pasta, risotto, and gnocchi. The price varies based on how close you are to tourist attractions, with many cafes offering daily fresh pastries. And let’s not forget about the yummiest of it all – Italian ice-cream or gelato!

Do not drive! If you are solid walker you may walk from one attraction to another within an hour or so. However, the subway is easy to navigate and gets you close to the spots. Buses are also coming and going. Just make sure you buy tickets ahead of time. You may purchase these from restaurants or the corner stores. Be ready for very energetic drivers!

  1. The Trevi Fountain
    I was fortunate to be able to take engagement photos right next to this fountain. In fact, it is one of the top 5 engagement spots in the world! So be ready for hundreds of people in your photo. That is unless you go before 7 am! Yes, set your alarm. It’s absolutely worthwhile. Throw a coin into the fountain to see if the legend is true and you come back to Rome one day. The tradition is to throw with your right hand above the left shoulder.
    Engagement by the Trevi Fountain 
  2. The Spanish Steps

    You will find the Spanish steps about 10 minutes from the Trevi Fountain. Many movies and music videos have been shot at this location. It is the most famous and the second most crowded spot in Rome. Get there early and watch the Sunrise as it reveals itself above the steps. A beautiful site to see.
  3. The Colosseum
    The best spot to take a photo of the Colosseum is right above the metro station. Climb up the stairs and enjoy the best view of this amazing piece of architecture. Anything below and you will end up with photos of crowds, gates, and weird shadows.
  4. The Roman Forum
    So many photo opportunities all around from ruins to gardens and broken palaces. I loved the wide view of the whole forum from the area under the garden’s fountain. And if you come closer to the sunset even better. Just watch out the closing time is 7 pm.
  5. The Pantheon
    Another amazing spot is the Pantheon. Not only for its history and age but also to get the great shot. If you do not want to get up super early again try taking a creative photo. You may find a spot by the fountain or simply get yourself 4 scoops of ice-cream with sprinkles, marshmallow and waffle just like I did! Cover the crowds with it and voila!BTW it’s also a great spot to go to while it rains in Rome. Pantheon has the world’s largest unreinforced dome in world.
  6. Piazza Navona
    Navona square is very close to Pantheon so make sure to stop by and take pictures of the beautiful fountain and church. There are usually some musicians and entertainers around the square making it great for another photo opportunity just like I did with these thousands of bubbles. 
  7. Saint Peter’s Basilica and Saint Peter’s Square
    Great place to go to if the weather is not working out. Beautiful inside out and FREE to enter! Be ready for looooong line to get in but the waiting time is not so bad.For me, the rain actually worked out. Not only because of almost no people in sight but also because I love creative photography and was able to take some beautiful puddle reflection shots of the Basilica and both fountains. If you wait till almost sundown you will get the Basilica lightened up.
  8. Castel San Angelo

    If you are not looking to take photos of crowds don’t come between 9 and 6 pm. The bridge of angels and castle itself really stand out on its own without the selfie-taking people.  If you are not lucky try to get creative!
  9. Piazza del Popolo
    Climb up the hill to Villa Borghese and take panorama photos of Rome and the Popolo Square right above it.  Then take the stairs down to the square and you will see two identical churches fantastic for taking symmetric photographs.