Your Child’s Birthday Photo Session

Price: $150 for 30 min session
4 edits of your choice included along with all unedited images
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Birthdays. If you are a parent, you know the significance of that one single word. It’s fun to watch our kids grow and document just how much they change from year to year. Planning a birthday photo session is such a great idea. I understand it can also be a stressor. I would like to give you some tips to make your planning stage a breeze:

1. Start your planing process early
Start the search for your photographer several months in advance, and ideally try to have it scheduled at least 1-2 months ahead of time. If you are hoping to have a cake smash, this goes for making sure you have your cake designed and ordered well in advance, too, as availability can often be limited, especially on weekends.

2. Envision the style and settings
One advantage of starting your planning process early is getting a great feel for the type of photography you’re looking for. Take an afternoon to look through an  inspiration at the social media profiles and websites. Be sure to search for specific terms on google, such as ‘birthday photo session’ or ‘TX cake smash session’.

3. Talk to your kids
If your kids are old enough, be sure to sit down with them ahead of time and talk about what to expect from the photo session. Explain that it’s important to get both serious photos and fun, silly ones that help show what they’re like at this age. And of course, letting them know that they may have a fun surprise or treat waiting for them at the end of the session is always helpful, too 🙂

4. Outfit choices
Even if you already have outfits in mind, it’s always helpful to let me know what you have planned. Not only will this help me envision your session, but will help me plan location based on your outfits or have suggestions for what type of outfits will work best for your setting. Also, be sure to choose outfits that are both photogenic and kid-friendly. No matter how cute it is, your child will not be cooperative if their outfit is uncomfortable or itchy.

4. Candid photos
Be sure to go into your session with the big picture in mind. While we all want to walk away with beautiful, picture-perfect portraits of our children smiling and looking at the camera, these sessions can really be more than just that. Take time to think over the last year of your child’s life: What have been your favorite moments? What new skills have they developed? What little details are you going to miss so much when they get older? Make a list of these bigger-picture ideas and be sure to share them with me ahead of time.

Price: $150 for 30 min session
4 edits of your choice included along with all unedited images
Book ‘Birthday Package’ Now

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